The easiest way is the old fashioned way used by most residents to heat water on gas. Of course, this method is not the most comfortable but sometimes the only way out of the situation. Be very careful transferring large containers with hot water. You can also see another proven method is to heat the water using a large boiler, which can be purchased in many hardware stores.

Call close relative and best friends, perhaps they are luckier than you and they have hot water in the taps. Take your own towel and washcloth, bottles of shampoo and shower gel. If you do not wish to ask for guests for bathing, it is recommended to go to the bath, because is very good for health (of course, if you have no contraindications).

If you do not wish to have problems with intermittent hot water, purchase a water heater. There are three main types of such devices: an electric instantaneous and storage, and gas storage. Tankless water heater is able to heat water instantly, it turns on automatically after you turn the water on and off when you closed the faucet. Undeniable advantages – the small size and unlimited hot water. Negative consumption of electricity.

The water heater can accumulate a huge reserve of hot water and consume a small amount of electrical energy. However, not every apartment will suit a water heater with a volume of several hundred liters. Yes and wait until the water heats up, need quite a long time.

If you are having mains gas and water need a lot much more practical to install gas heater. This works as follows: water passes through the heat exchanger and is heated under the influence of a gas burner. In modern models, the user can set the desired water temperature that will be maintained regardless of the cold water pressure or flow.