If you need a bit of boiling water, use a regular electric kettle. After about 1.5-4 minutes you will have about 2 liters of hot water. But if you need a lot of boiling water, then use this method impractical. This option is ideal if you need hot water to wash dishes or diluted with a basin of cold water for washing things.
Buy a boiler, it is inexpensive, but warms the water in minutes. Heater can heat enough water, but remember that it absorbs a lot of electricity. This option is indispensable for residents of the apartments when the hot water is turned off for an indefinite period.
If you do not have an electric stove and gas, heat water on it. Due to the strong, taprootthe countryth gas, the water will heat up very quickly. This method can be called economical, because the cost of gas is kept at an acceptable level.
You can heat the water in the bath, of course, if you have one. The bathroom side is a lot of water, so this heat will be optimal if you need hot water for washing things in large quantities. Will istorice bath with wood, use birch, it is from them that the water boils quickly, but try not overtempered oven.
In winter, heat water on the stove in the enamel bucket. So not only do you get the boiling water, but will not incur material costs for electricity. But to heat water is possible, if you have Central heating.
Buy tankless hot water heater. With it, you get hot water almost instantly. The instructions for installing the device attached to the kit. Can also use a storage water heater, but there is one minus - to heat watermust be from 15 minutes to several hours so that you will not get boiling water instantly.