You will need
  • - needle and thread;
  • several stones;
  • paper;
  • marker.
Try to find out the number of children that may be born from you in the future. Using this method you can learn not only the quantity but also the gender of the children. Take a needle and white thread, thread the eye of a needle. Place a hand weight with palm upwards, parallel to the floor. The fingers should hold together, and great to set aside. Now wondering on the gender and number of children that will be born. The needle three times lower in the space between the palm and the finger, try not to touch hands, otherwise the guessing will have to start over.
Move the needle so that it is hanging on a thread, and its edge would indicate the exact center. If the needle begins to swing like a pendulum, first child will be a boy, if you spin in a circle, expect a girl. If the needle is almost stationary, should not rely on the appearance of children in the near future. Repeat the procedure to get the latest version – the number of repeats and will correspond to the number of your future children.
Another popular method – divination by the lines of the hand. Look at his left hand the so-called "line of children." They are located under the little finger. The clear vertical line that crosses the hill of mercury, indicate the number of children deep long lines mean boys, those that are shorter, girls.
Swipe divination with stones is the simple items that you can use to obtain truthful answers to rather complicated questions, surprising as it may seem. Over time, these objects are able to absorb large amounts of information, they absorb it not as horrible, but selectively. Many have experienced a method of divination recognize that the answers for the most part turn out true.
Take a marker and a few stones. Write on the stones of various figures, and if it fails, you can write the numbers on scraps of paper and attach them to the stones. Place the stones in the water and try to follow the label. The paper will gradually come off, and the ink to go, and the figures will be less clear. The most important for us will be the last digit that will be possible to disassemble. It will match the number of your future children.