Divination on the needle

This version of divination arose long ago. The principle is quite simple. In the old days girls took the needle and hung it on the thread, a length of about 25 cm Thread took in his right hand and kept over the left palm. The thread was held straight, so that she is not swayed from the movements of the hands, as the thread with the needle was supposed to oscillate itself. If the thread was made rectilinear motion, swaying forward and backward or side, the first should have been born a boy. The birth of a girl heralded the thread with the needle which made a circular motion. If the thread were swinging randomly, then one would expect the birth of twins. In that case, if the needle is threaded with a thread she froze in place and didn't make any movements, it meant one thing – children of the reptile woman will not.

After the first divination, the needle is lowered on the palm, and after a while resumed its manipulation of the swinging of the thread. Guess it was necessary as long as the needle will not stop swinging. The number of fortune-telling was judged on the number of children.

This guessing instead of a needle some experts in esoteric recommended to use an engagement ring, which also is suspended on a thread and used as a pendulum-predictor.

Divination by hand

There is a very simple guessing on the arm, to which maybe even the person far from palmistry. You need to squeeze your hand into a fist and look at the dash that is formed under the little finger on the edge of the palm. The number of lines are judged on the number of children. Long trait tells about the birth of a daughter, and a short heralds the birth of an heir. To take into account should only be pronounced folds in the skin.

The woman's hand can predict how many babies she will give birth in the future, and man's hand can judge how many of his children he is sincerely attached.

Indian palmists use some other method of divination by the hand. In order to know how many children are born human, they look at "Islands", that is, ovals and circles, located at the base of the thumb. This place is called "the ring of the family." Using this method of divination, you need to take into account only the pronounced lines. Indian palmists suggest right-handers count the number of lines on the left side of the ring family." Lefties should consider the line, located on the right side.

Read hands experts suggest every two to three years, as the number of lines on the hands change with age.