If you are pregnant, ask the mother about the illness of rubella in childhood. If sick, you have immunity against rubella. Great danger the disease poses to fetal development, especially during the first 3 months.
Sometimes rubella are asymptomatic, and the parents could not notice it. Then immediately go to take a blood test to determine the presence of antibodies. There are two types of antibodies: immunoglobulin class M and immunoglobulin class G. the First type (M) indicates the presence of rubella in the moment; the second type (G) shows the disease migrated, or antibodies after vaccination.
View your child's medical records. It should be noted all past vaccination against rubella. Vaccination against rubella is the child at the age of 12 months and six years. Additionally vaccinated at 13 years old those girls that have not had chicken pox previously. If you are sick and not vaccinated, you get vaccinated before pregnancy.
Infection can be contracted from a patient with rubella, and the virus carrier. Watch the child who began to experience a little discomfort, General weakness, and he had a runny nose. Children who become ill with rubella, the temperature rises slightly. Shortly after the onset of the disease rash appears pink on the extremities, back and buttocks. The patient is infectious 5 days.
Go near the sick person during pregnancy. Infection during pregnancy can lead to birth deformities such as mental retardation or miscarriage. Disease of rubella in early pregnancy entails its termination.
If, however, there was contact with a sick child, and could not isolate ourselves from it, contact the infectious diseases ward for advice.