Advice 1: Is it possible to determine twins without ultrasound

It is believed that the shape of the abdomen, health in pregnancy and the rate of weight gain can tell you not only about the sex of the unborn child, but also on the number of embryos. All of this can determine a woman alone, drawing attention to the morning sickness, the fatigue and emerging taste preferences. All these features are enhanced in a situation of development within it two fruits. A gynecologist is also already at the first examination can determine if your pregnant with twins or fraternal twins. Subsequently conducted research ultrasound this information is confirmed.
Is it possible to determine twins without ultrasound

As a gynecologist detects pregnancy twins without ultrasound

Multiple pregnancy has become quite common. Its appearance is due to mainly genetic factors. It often happens that a pregnant woman accustomed to the thought of one child at the second trimester gets a lot of stress, having learned that she is awaiting the birth of twins or twins. In fact, the gynecologist can identify the pregnancy in the very beginning. Help him in this visual inspection and test results.

For example, the twins will immediately tell enlarged uterus and a strong surge of HCG hormone, it is typical only for pregnant women. His normal rate is equal to 3, and in the presence of two fetuses, this figure will double. Screening will identify a large protein in the test APF. Double heartbeat, which are defined by special system Doppler on the eighth week of pregnancy will also talk about the two children in the womb. On small time ultrasound may not show two fetuses, because one can hide behind others. But during the inspection, an experienced doctor will be able to probe and put the woman into fame.
Many believe that ultrasound will harm an unborn baby, and basically do not go to them. 3 procedures for the period of pregnancy are the norm. They not only will not harm the baby's health, but will help to detect defects.

Symptoms of multiple pregnancy

These signs are certainly more intuitive than factual. But it often happens that before the arrival on the ultrasound the woman believes in the imminent birth of twins. The most visible sign is the abdomen. It begins to grow with such speed that by the end of the first trimester, its size can compare with those who have gathered in the decree. This is due to the increase in the size of the uterus. By the way, the weight will also gain very quickly. While the twins begin too early, before 20 weeks.
And it is interesting that children are moving simultaneously, creating a mother's noticeable discomfort, because you need to take the position of the body, comfortable for two.
In multiple pregnancies, it becomes very sensitive Breasts, it increases to 2-3 size, all touching it cause discomfort. Since two kids, the diaphragm begins to rise already in the early stages of pregnancy – this leads to the appearance of severe dyspnea throughout the term. Also the probability of occurrence in your family of twins increases if in your family these cases are already met.

If you think that all of the above symptoms you are experiencing, you can try to palpate a multiple pregnancy. To do this while walking, put both hands on the abdomen: if there are two of fruit, will clearly be felt two heads. Pay attention to the shape of your tummy: in a multiple pregnancy it will be square at the bottom.

Advice 2 : Signs of pregnancy with twins

Some mothers-to-be cannot determine at the initial stages of pregnancy, how many babies they are carrying. There are certain signs by which a woman may learn that she is expecting twins. Especially brightly they are visible in the if women had a singleton pregnancy.
Signs of pregnancy with twins
One of the most typical signs of pregnancy with twins rapid weight gain in the first trimester. If a woman bears one child, the weight gain during this period usually does not exceed 2 kilograms. But if the expectant mother is expecting twins, her weight gain in the first trimester increased by approximately 2 times.
Pregnant with twins much more and more affected by morning sickness than women carrying one child. This condition is especially chetco feel already parous women. It should be noted that morning sickness during pregnancy with twins is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
The next symptom of twins – a very strong fatigue. This state occurs from the first months of pregnancy. It becomes especially noticeable in the 2nd trimester. Pregnant with twins often suffer shortness of breath, they can feel the fatigue even from slight physical exertion. This is because when carrying two children the body of the future mother requires a lot of energy.
A symptom pregnant with twins and is quickly growing belly. Women who are at the heart of one child, the abdomen is greatly increased to only 5 or 6 months. But pregnant with twins that change has been happening for 4 months.
Believed to be from women "in position" you can expect some of the vagaries, eccentricities and quirks. In pregnant with twins these symptoms can be particularly bright, because their body is undergoing significant hormonal changes. Because of this, moms of multiple kids often experiencing hunger. Very visible and mood swings.
Passing the necessary tests and evaluating the test results, it is possible to detect the signs of pregnancy with twins. So, in a woman's body can be identified iron deficiency. The level of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) begins to increase rapidly, especially in the first trimester. If blood pregnant found high content of protein alpha-fetoprotein(AFP), it can also indicate that a woman is carrying twins.
In addition, on examination the gynecologist can hear the beating of two hearts or to find two heads. However, one cannot exclude the possibility that the doctor might be wrong. To dispel all doubts a pregnant woman and confirm the presence in her womb of twins will allow the ultrasound. Best to spend it on the more than 10 weeks in this case, the result of the ultrasound will be more accurate.
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