Advice 1: How to play the hand, how will children

People tend to plan their lives, often wonder whether it is possible to know in advance how many will be children. You can find this out by hand, although nowadays the lines of the hand indicate, rather, about the ability of a person to have a certain number of children, and not about what they will be so much.
The secondary line is easier to see if the palm is slightly bent
You will need
  • The ability to navigate in the lines of the palm
Locate hand "reference point". The hill of mercury under the little finger. The Heart line begins between the bases of the index and middle fingers and goes in the direction of the little finger. This is one of the main lines, it is usually clear, so look for smaller lines the from it.
The hand shows the lines of heart and love
Look at the palm line of marriage. It's a small line on the edge of the palm between the base of the little finger and the end of the line of the heart. It is also called the line of love. It shows how many strong cordial attachment will test people for the whole life.
Find the line of children. They depart from the line of marriage. Pronounced deep lines portend sons, slim talking about the daughters.
To determine the period of life in which children have the greatest chance to be born, but approx. Mentally divide the gap between the heart line and the top of the hill of mercury on three. Each part is approximately 25 years. Let's see which of these segments are marriage line and children line.
Guess it is possible and right and left hand. This is usually done in the hand you do most of the action.

If the love line is solid and clear, it speaks of a lasting marriage. Short branched sections of love suggest a great number of romantic involvements.

Men of the line of children can mean not only his own offspring, but also those children to whom he is greatly attached - for example, foster.
Useful advice
Marriage line and children line better visible, if a little bend palm. In some people they may not even exist. This does not mean that a person will live its whole life without love, or not to have children.

You can use another method of determining the number of children in that case, if the desired line on the hand is not visible. This will require a needle with a long thread. Take the ends of the thread in your right hand and release the needle. Straighten your left palm slightly with his thumb. "Adjust" the needle, placing it between the thumb and fingers. Several times raise and lower the needle in between so that it did not rise and did not fall outside the plane of the palm. "Hang the needle over the middle of the palm. If it starts to move in a circle – it's a girl, if to swing – boy. The changing nature of the movement could mean twins. Again "set" the needle. If you have more than one child and multiple – needle again starts to move. Repeat this until the needle suspended above the centre of the palm, did not immediately stop.

Advice 2 : How to tell fortunes, how many children

There are many different varieties of divination, by which people with long years of trying to predict how the human future will be children. Some people not even trusting the veracity of divination, still speaking to him, trying to look behind the veil of secrecy. Others are wondering out of idle curiosity. Others trust the predictions, believing that everything in life is predetermined by fate.
How to tell fortunes, how many children

Divination on the needle

This version of divination arose long ago. The principle is quite simple. In the old days girls took the needle and hung it on the thread, a length of about 25 cm Thread took in his right hand and kept over the left palm. The thread was held straight, so that she is not swayed from the movements of the hands, as the thread with the needle was supposed to oscillate itself. If the thread was made rectilinear motion, swaying forward and backward or side, the first should have been born a boy. The birth of a girl heralded the thread with the needle which made a circular motion. If the thread were swinging randomly, then one would expect the birth of twins. In that case, if the needle is threaded with a thread she froze in place and didn't make any movements, it meant one thing – children of the reptile woman will not.

After the first divination, the needle is lowered on the palm, and after a while resumed its manipulation of the swinging of the thread. Guess it was necessary as long as the needle will not stop swinging. The number of fortune-telling was judged on the number of children.

This guessing instead of a needle some experts in esoteric recommended to use an engagement ring, which also is suspended on a thread and used as a pendulum-predictor.

Divination by hand

There is a very simple guessing on the arm, to which maybe even the person far from palmistry. You need to squeeze your hand into a fist and look at the dash that is formed under the little finger on the edge of the palm. The number of lines are judged on the number of children. Long trait tells about the birth of a daughter, and a short heralds the birth of an heir. To take into account should only be pronounced folds in the skin.

The woman's hand can predict how many babies she will give birth in the future, and man's hand can judge how many of his children he is sincerely attached.

Indian palmists use some other method of divination by the hand. In order to know how many children are born human, they look at "Islands", that is, ovals and circles, located at the base of the thumb. This place is called "the ring of the family." Using this method of divination, you need to take into account only the pronounced lines. Indian palmists suggest right-handers count the number of lines on the left side of the ring family." Lefties should consider the line, located on the right side.

Read hands experts suggest every two to three years, as the number of lines on the hands change with age.

Advice 3 : As with a needle to see how many children

"Needle-needle, you are sharp and Kolka, don't stick me finger...", and tell me how many children I will have.
Within get-togethers with friends, why not to make a fortune tonight? Along with the Tarot cards, tea leaves, Tarot children the needle is also very interesting.
As with a needle to see how many children
You will need
  • - a regular sewing needle of any size;
  • - cotton thread of suitable thickness of red, white or black.
Take a piece of thread of red, white or black, length approximately 20 to 25 inches, threaded the thread in the eye of a needle, not tying a knot, attached to fingers of the right hand, both of the filament tip.
The left hand is deployed palm up. Three times drop and raise the needle, holding the thread between your thumb and forefinger. Move the needle, lightly touch the tip of the needle to the middle of your palm to stop traffic. Gently lift up and hold above the centre of the palm at a height of about 5 inches.

The needle starts any movement of pendulum or circular movement. Repeat the process for as long as the needle will remain motionless hanging over the center of the palm.
The number of repeats, when the needle moves, mean number of living children, both future and already born. Children who will never be born, if, for example, spontaneous abortion, needle not "shows".
Also, the needle indicates the sex of the baby: if the motion-the pendulum - it's a boy, if circular motion is a girl.
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