Right for a category And give the ability to control the motorcycle or scooter with a large engine. For their production there are several ways.
If you do not open any category, that is, no driver's license, you need to be trained in driving school. In driving school you will be attending classes on the theory of traffic rules and driving. Theoretical classes will provide knowledge not only for driving but also for driving a car. Driving lessons are on a special surface. Great attention will be paid to braking, maneuvering, slow riding. Trips to the city will not, because it is technically impossible.
If you open any category of license, you only have access to lessons on driving.
By the way, for the category And it is possible to pass the exam on driving externally. Delivery examand externally to other categories difficult procedure. Only if the extern to pass driving you will need on your motorcycle or scooter.
First you pass the internal exams on the theory of traffic rules, and then driving. The results of the internal examand allow you to exams in the traffic police.
The admission procedure for examam the same as any other category. To obtain the rights for the category But allowed persons under 16 years of age. If you don't have rights, you need to pass the driver's medical examination. For will need 2 color photos of the established sample (done in any photo shop).
If the licence you have already, then it is replaced with the inclusion of additional categories.