Do the exercise "Slide". You have to demonstrate how you are able to move on a small rise, preventing rollback of the vehicle back. Get the car to the starting line, stop, turn off the installed transmission and put the car on the hand brake.
Start to move, bringing the car to the line "Start" marked on the overpass. Stop the car. Lock is the condition of the vehicle hand brake. Now the clutch pedal can be released.
Start off on the overpass. Try to possible rollback of the vehicle did not exceed 30 cm Move the car to a Stop located at the end of the overpass, stop and put the car on the Parking brake.
Go to the development of the exercise "Snake". You have to go round mounted on the circuit chips, while remaining within the limits of the dimensions of the layout. Here you will be required to show the skill of fast and correct rotation of the steering wheel.
On the line "Start" stop the car, disconnect the transmission and set the vehicle Parking brake. Now start moving and consistently avoid all of located at the distance of chips, moving snake. Remember that downed the exam pieces that will be assessed penalty points. To Stop, switch off the transmission and put the car on the brake.
Do the parallel Parking in reverse. You have to reverse to enter the limited space, simulating a car statement on Parking between two cars, placed at a certain distance from each other.
At the starting line, stop the machine, move the shift lever to the neutral position and put the car on the brake. Now, a straight line drive to the place where you want to Park. Start reversing. Spin the wheel, focusing on a set of chips that limit the Parking spot. After arrival disengage the gear and apply the Parking brake.