You will need
  • - certificate of completion of training in a driving school; - medical certificate form 083/U-89; - a document certifying exam registration; - a document confirming the identity; - application; - photo 3x4 cm.
To open any of the categories, go through the training in a driving school and pass the qualifying exams. A small relief in the form of the abolition of part of the exams is intended only for those who have already passed examinations on any other category until three months ago. Also to open some of the categories stipulated age limit. So to open a category D candidate should not be less than 20 years, and for the E – driving experience at least 1 year.
To open the category And pass the theoretical exam, the tickets coincide with a similar exam on the category V. Then pass a practical test on a motorcycle, which consists in performing at the circuit of the following exercises: dimensional corridor, dimensional semi-circle, acceleration, braking, snake track snake is running at low speed and overall eight.
To open the category To pass the theoretical exam. His tickets coincide with the exam on the category A. Then pass the practical exam. Depending on the options available, demonstrate three of the following 5 exercises in the circuit: a stop and troganie on the lifting, a parallel Parking in reverse, snake, turn, entrance to the box. After you pass the practical exam on traffic in the city.
To open a category C or D pass the theoretical exam. Tickets for finals match tickets to category of aircraft. Then pass the practical exam, same exam on the category of aircraft. At the end pass the practical exam in the city.
To open a category E pass the practical exam on the circuit, consisting of two exercises: setting the platform tailgate and straight movement in reverse. Then pass the practical exam in the city. Do not forget to open the E you must have a driving license category b, C or D for at least 12 months.
The theoretical exam is not required if you open the category And in addition to, if you open a category In in addition to As if you open a category in addition to C or to D. Also if you open a category C or D in addition to V, if previously donated on the category of the armed forces, but did not pass, and if you open a category (D) in addition to D (S). Don't forget that if you take the theory test any category, but did not pass, it saves the results for exactly 3 months.
If you wish to open the category A or b you can preparing for the exams and pass them externally. To open a category C, D or E training in a driving school is mandatory.