You will need
  • - pregnancy test;
  • - consultation of the gynecologist.
Determine which you have the day of the menstrual cycle. To do this, count the number of days elapsed since the beginning of the last menstrual period.
Contact your doctor if your calendar critical days were not to begin. Dragging pain in the abdomen can be a sign of inflammation, functional disorders or sexually transmitted infection.
If you have started late, they'll determine how many days it lasts. Perhaps the discomfort heralding the beginning of critical days. The delay of a menses for one or two days can be triggered by stress, change of climate, medication.
If you delay more than 3 days, buy in a drugstore pregnancy test. For more reliable test result purchase 2 different manufacturers. Carefully read the instructions to each of them. Do your research on morning urine.
If the test is negative, wait 1 day, repeat the assay. If it is again negative, menstruation begins and the stomach continues to hurt, contact your doctor.
It happens that the test results are different. To dispel doubts, you can pass in the lab blood for HCG. Do not forget that the analysis is carried out on an empty stomach.
With a positive pregnancy test result dragging pain in the abdomen can physiological, as the muscles of the uterus begin to stretch. Also discomfort in the lower abdomen can be a sign of incipient rejection of the fetus or ectopic pregnancy. Immediately consult a doctor.