Ovulatory pain

This is the most harmless of what you can have, when the stomach hurts, and my period did not come. Regularly experiencing this kind of pain every fifth woman. Starts, ovulatory pain, usually in the lower abdomen two weeks before the onset of menstruation. Can also be disturbed during establishment of the cycle in adolescent girls, and then not to remind yourself your whole life. Maybe it is just the opposite: until the cycle is established, pain is not the case, but as soon as the menstrual schedule better, so painful sensations arise every month. In any case, ovulatory pain is not pathology, and gynecologists in these cases reflect the peculiarities of the female body. However, in order to exclude other diseases still does not prevent to visit a dentist regularly.

When the stomach hurts, and my period does not come, it is possible that the woman in the position. In this case, the pain similar to those that happen during menstruation, indicate an increased tone of the uterus. You need to take a pregnancy test and if the result is positive, you should immediately consult a doctor, because the strong tone of the uterus can cause spontaneous abortion.
Ectopic pregnancy

Woman suffering from a long pulling pain on the right or left lower abdomen, and monthly do not come. Pain can alternate pain relieving weak pages. But pain can wear and the constant "aching" in nature. Often these symptoms are added dizziness, nausea, a woman for a short time loses consciousness. Pain occurring in the abdomen, may go into the area of the rectum and cause pain there. If a woman weakens the eyes, you should immediately call an ambulance, in this case, he who hesitates is lost, as when tubal rupture occurs, internal bleeding, and then each minute counts. Ectopic pregnancy treatment – only surgical!
Acyclic pain

Stomach hurts that much, not really, but menstruation does not occur – it often happens when the so-called acyclic pain that are not always associated with menstruation. They can occur because of endometriosis, adhesions, syndrome of stagnation in the pelvis, varicose veins of the pelvis. Acyclic pain can cause cystitis, osteoarthritis, kidney stones, colitis etc abdominal pain in women can indicate gynecological diseases. Therefore, when a periodic or regular presence of pain must consult a doctor and find out the cause.