You will need
  • antispasmodic drugs, tincture of Valerian, motherwort
The state of pregnancy requires careful attention to their health and any changes occurring in the body. If you are pregnant and while you happen to feel pain in the abdomenas during menstruation, remember that it can be very dangerous. This condition may indicate a serious disorders.
If you feel not very severe pain and at the same time your stomach was hard, then most likely you are faced with this condition, as hypertonicity of the uterus. Normal muscular organ reduces and relaxes during the day many times. With strong tension of smooth muscle spasm occurs. In the event of hypertonicity try to lie down and relax the whole body.
If pain persist, take a pill antispasmodic. With hypertonicity copes "But-shpa". Do not overdo the dosage. For a single application is enough 1 tablets of the drug. If you have ever faced hypertonicity, inform your doctor. Perhaps the specialist will prescribe you a certain medication and vitamin products in the prevention.
Try to relax and not think about the bad. It is known that stress can cause hypertonicity of the uterus. During pregnancy, avoid situations that can cause you to have negative emotions.
In late pregnancy pain can be caused by stretching of muscles. Check with your gynecologist. You may need to wear a bandage.
Do not attempt to engage in self-diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes pain during pregnancy, as during menstruation, may be caused by problems of a gynaecological nature. Accurate diagnosis can be established only by a specialist.
Immediately consult a doctor if you feel cramping in the lower abdomen or you have started bleeding. If time does not take action, it can lead to unfortunate consequences.