Strong premenstrual pain in the abdomen and chest impossible to ignore. Urgently on survey!

What is important to pay attention

Result of pain syndrome, gynecological disorders are:

1. Hormonal disturbance. Before menstruation in the female body increases the level of hormones progesterone and estrogen, causing painful uterine contractions. My chest hurts because of a rush of blood to the mammaries.
2. Cysts, fibroids and fibroids. Tumors disrupt the natural size of the organs of the female reproductive system. For these reasons, violates the outflow of blood from the uterus is pressure on the nerve endings of the back muscles in the lumbar. Sore lower back, abdomen.
3. Congenital anomalies of the anatomical structure of the uterus (curvature, bend) cause painful uterine contractions.
4. Disruption of the ovaries is the result of thyroid disease. This contributes to obesity, rapid weight loss, stress and physical activity, the presence of diabetes, abrupt climate change, reception of strong antibiotics.
5. Infection in the genitourinary system (STDs) support the inflammatory process, causing the formation of cysts, pain in the abdomen and the lumbar region.
6. Possible ectopic pregnancy. This is a direct threat to life. Immediately consult a specialist!
7. Incorrectly installed intrauterine device. Visit the doctor for consultations.

If all the above causes are excluded during the examination, the problems are as follows.

Condition that can be corrected

Beriberi. The body lacks vitamins A,C, B and E. Add to your diet nuts, dried fruit, green vegetables, dairy products, red meat, fish, egg, whole wheat bread. The appearance of pain and spasms due to tension of muscles of internal organs caused by a low content in food To MQ and CA.

A weakened immune system. Just infectious or viral disease, which can weaken the body.

Fear of expectations of discomfort, pain causes in women the deterioration of psycho-emotional state. Negative emotions a woman gets because of the rejection of menstruation. Recommended examination by a psychiatrist.

To prevent pain exercise physical therapy, aerobics, ride a bike, walk up the stairs, alternate work and rest, walk before bedtime, eat a balanced diet and be more pleased. This will give excellent results.