Ask for help. This method of Dating is suitable for girls and for boys. Say, for example, "I'm in this town where you can relax?", "Look, please, how tied my tie I'm going to an important meeting!". Or ask where the nearest food shop, home appliances, power tools. In the store you can ask the opinion about any product, film etc is Very touching girls trying to choose a jig saw or a screwdriver in such a situation no guy will refuse the help of a charming lady.
Offer assistance. This method is as effective as the first, but to use it you can not in any situation is a pretty object should need help. For example, if you see a beautiful girl getting wet in the rain, offer her a place under your umbrella. Or collect spilled from a torn package products. And yet help, and we will have time to stop.
Tell a compliment. In this case, it is important not to overdo it – the praise must be sincere and appropriate. "You look amazing!", "You have the most charming smile I've ever seen!" - compliments will not leave indifferent neither girls nor guys.
Show gallantry or do something enjoyable. For example, bring sunbathing on the beach girl ice cream or offer a ride freezing at the bus stop lady. Get creative and familiarity you provided!
Connect your sense of humor. Try to come up with something original, but if this is difficult you can use ready-made phrases: "Here a white rabbit run through here?", "I'm writing an article about how Dating girls, can I ask you a few questions?", "You Light my messenger?", "Sorry, I forgot your phone number, will you lend me yours?", "Hello, I'm from the employment service, can I get you something to take?".