At the beginning of any of the people you talk briefly about yourself. Tell the guy or girl about their habits and abilities, your Hobbies and interests. Good to remember close friends and funny, interesting stories you got. It may happen that you find a lot in common, and then will vigorously discuss topics of interest for both. Perhaps you love football, and your new friend is a fan of this sport. In this case, you no longer have to search topics for conversation, as they will find you. Just remember that stories from your life should not be too intimate, and the details of his biography better not to go, otherwise you risk to seem meticulous and boring person.
Well, if you have a good sense of humor. Tell the guy or girl of any funny incident or just share with a new acquaintance a funny joke you heard on TV or read on the Internet. Keep in mind that telling a joke needs to be fresh, because your conversation will be embarrassed to laugh at the fact that he's already heard.
If your new friend is quite silent, you can try to talk to him some questions. But these issues should be on any subject, in any case not involving his personal space. You can ask about his Hobbies and what he does in his spare time. But with whom he does it? and what's going on in his mind, asking is strictly prohibited. If the person is something they want to tell you, he will tell.
You can mention in conversation some of his plans, not the future. For example, you can inform the other person about what you want to achieve in life, what are your priorities, what you are aiming for. If the guy or girl will support the conversation by connecting to their personal plans for the future, you will be able to compare in my mind along the way, whether you are with this person, or you have too different views on life. Not only is aloud to announce its Association and desperately to argue with him, proving that your priorities are more important than his.
You can vary the dialogue and a few memories from the past. A new friend will certainly be interested to read any adventures of your life. Only it is not necessary to tell him the bitter experience of failed love or family troubles. It is best to remember the positive moments and keenly interested in such a life companion. And remember that when we first met you have to be to keep a low profile and show interest in continuing the acquaintance.