By the summer girls usually try to bring her figure in order to catch admiring glances of men on the walk or on the beach. Someone goes on a diet, someone goes to the Solarium, and someone in the gym. The main problem usually is the presence that appeared over the winter in the bellyof the IR that you want to remove and replace the cubes press. This can help you are certain exercises.
Exercise number one. You need to be on the back, then bend knees and put feet on the width of your hips. The palm should be under the occiput, but do not need to connect the fingers. Tighten your muscles and try to tear off the floor neck, head and shoulder. Count to two, then return to the floor.
Starting position for exercise number two, you're laying on the floor. You need to lift your legs up and bend them at an angle of 90 degrees so that your shins were parallel to the surface on which you are located. We need to once again Flex their muscles and tear off the floor neck, head and shoulder, and at the same time try to pull the knees bent up to his chest. Count to five, then finish the exercise.
The initial position for the next task like the one described in the previous. You will need to start to straighten the leg and place it at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the floor. Then again, it is necessary to detach the upper body from the floor and twice slightly stretch the left shoulder to the knee of the right leg. Then change legs and stretch again twice.
For the next task you need to sleep on your back, bend your knees and raise them so that they were parallel to the floor. The neck, head and shoulder blades must be lifted off the floor. Take a deep breath, count to two and start to lower your left leg down until, until you touch the floor with your fingers. Then, exhaling, gradually come back to starting position. Now repeat the exercise with your right foot.
When you start your classes, it is best to do twenty approaches to each exercise, and in between, take small breaks for 10-20 seconds. After a week of training it is permissible to repeat the cycle of exercises twice. After a couple weeks it is possible to increase the number of approaches to twenty-five. After 5-6 weeks you will see the first result, and you'll be able to decide whether to continue classes or not.