To determine pregnancy you must use the method of external studies, which however will be effective only at the end of pregnancy of the pig. For the study, accurately and without the use of force (scratching his sides and belly) put the pig on its side. Then gently perform a palpation of the anterior abdominal wall. This must be done at the level of the last two nipples, just above the breast. You will be able to test the fruit.
In the third to fifth day after mating pigs you can detect pregnancy at the cheesy discharge from the vagina. Sow more lies, has a good appetite, getting quite lazy. If more pig is not on mating and not "walks" for eighteen to twenty days, you can almost with absolute certainty say that she is pregnant. In the last month of gestation (pigs carry their offspring on average 115 days) there is an active hyperemia of the udder and the increasing separation of colostrum.
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Often to determine pregnancy in pigs using rectal method. With this method, you can determine pregnancy after three weeks, six weeks with greater accuracy. After the liberation of the intestine from feces, wear rubber gloves and proceed to probing in the period of relaxation of the intestine. The external iliac artery has a diameter gradually thickens during pregnancy of the pig. By the end of the first month of wearing, you can feel the vibration of the middle uterine artery in the urinary artery thready weak pulse.
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In laboratory and clinical conditions is the most promising method for determining pregnancy of the pig with absolute precision. To do this, use the ultrasound to determine the ripple of the fetus in the uterus of the pig. The practices for the establishment of pregnancy used method of biopsy of the vagina. A small tool takes a small piece of tissue epithelium from the anterior wall of the vagina and examined under a microscope. This method is absolutely safe for pigs and fruit, does not require special training.
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