The conception and maternity leave

как вставить поилку морский свинки

If in one cage a male and a pig of the opposite sex, then you need to be prepared that at one moment there will be a pairing. A male and will show you when will be ready for this important moment. He will run around the cage for the lady of your dreams, to make whistling sounds.

Морская свинка: как она выглядит

If she doesn't immediately respond favorably, the gentleman will have something to whisper in her ear only by their plain language. If the male still too young, the female may not admit it to yourself. But perseverance through the last some time will be rewarded, and Guinea pig get pregnant.

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After this solemn moment of the male need to transplant it, otherwise it may cause miscarriage.

морских свинок не ужились в одной клетке стали кусаться

Depending on how many calves will be females, duration of pregnancy Guinea pigs. The more expected offspring, the more days it takes time. Pregnancy Guinea pig runs for 60-72 days. But 72 is very rare. If you are expecting 1-2 baby in an interesting position female can walk around 60-64 days. If should be born 4-6 kids, then we can expect their appearance not earlier than 64-70 days.

как определить у самки морской свинкой беремина она или упитаная

During this period it is necessary as less as possible to disturb - not to play it, not to take on hands.

Pregnancy ends with birth

It is important that during the delivery near the animal was man, able to help if you need it. Not all Guinea pigs have the necessary skills. A newborn can suffocate if you do not withdraw amniotic bubble in which he is born.

Smart experienced female gnaws it and release the cub. With teeth she releases the baby from part of the umbilical cord, which he connected with it. If it does not, then the person has to give first aid to cubs. That's why it's important to know how long is the pregnancy of the animal, to try to be there for him when.

The bubble is quite thin, so it is easy to remove by hand. It's got to be a small sharp pair of scissors, which is in advance sterilized. If females do not gnaws the umbilical cord, cut it so that the baby in the umbilical region remained part of the length of 1 cm This piece will soon wither and disappear.

Inspect the nasal passage of the baby if it is clogged, then very carefully wipe it with a soft slightly damp cloth. If mommy licks the young, wipe them with a delicate dry cloth for yourself.

If you are unsure of your abilities, call in a specialist or a person who is familiar with how in need of help during delivery to a Guinea pig.