You will need
  • - scales;
  • - separate fitted nesting house;
  • - information about the anatomy and physiology of Guinea pigs;
  • - consultation of a veterinarian.
3 week. To determine pregnancy sea pigs this early on can only be a very careful and experienced breeder. Try the following manipulations:
• put the female on a hard surface with its front paws firmly clasping her belly with both hands;
• your thumbs should support the back of the animal;
• very gently push down on the abdomen of the marine pigs , and start the palpation of the area from the ribs to the pelvis.
Usually after the 20th day of pregnancy at sea pigs can be felt fruit eggs the size of a coin. Keep in mind that these Pets rarely carry more than 1-4 cubs.
морские свинки с разноцветными глазами
Week 4. Consider a home pet. Starting with this pregnancy, healthy Guinea pig begins to rapidly gain weight. Be careful – if at some stage it will fall sharply, this may indicate pathological processes in the animal body. After independent attempts to distinguish pregnancy Guinea pig (especially if you suspect a positive result!) be sure to visit an experienced doctor.
как узнать пол морской свинки
Week 7. Watch carefully for a pregnant Guinea pig. By this time the little piglets in the womb, often moving, and you can feel and even see them wiggling. At this time not to notice that the animal had a bun, it is almost impossible – his abdomen strongly inflated, especially when mnogoplodnaya pregnancy.
как сделать клетку для морской свинки своими руками
9 a week. Be sure to weigh the sea pig with the achievement of this gestational age and compare the result with the initial weight. Under normal circumstances the weight of the unborn piglets (depending on amount of fruit) can reach up to 50% by weight of their mother. You can also estimate the extension of the symphysis (syphysis) - the place of convergence of the pelvic bones. It's enough to put a finger in front of the genitals of the animal and compare its anatomy to the appearance of other females. According to veterinarians, the day before delivery, the symphysis extends about two fingers.
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Finally at 10 weeks pregnant your pet to be sedentary and lazy; she at this time should be quite an appetite. Put the male in a separate cage; disinfect nesting house; put in fresh bedding of hay and get ready for the appearance of small Guinea pigs.
когти у свинки