You will need
  • - whole milk;
  • - crushed grain;
  • - fresh herbs;
  • - meat and bone meal;
  • - fish meal;
  • - fish oil;
  • - vitamins, minerals or complexes;
  • - ration;
  • - skim milk or serum;
  • - kitchen waste;
  • - boiled roots;
  • - oat flour;
  • - buckwheat flour.
The most well-growing piglets weaned from sows at the age of one and a half, two months. In the economy you need to keep at least two pigs, as pigs are herd animals, and when the content of one individual from the pig may be poor appetite due to what the growth will be slow.
In the period of milk feeding the main diet of the pig is whole cow's or goat's milk. Each pig daily you need to give at least three litres of milk and 1 liter cooked porridge made from any small grains. Most often used boiled crushed grain with the addition of buckwheat and oat flour. Feeding of piglets shall be fractional and frequent at least 4-5 times a day at equivalent intervals.
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With three months of the pig is transferred to the diluted double the milk and reduce feeding to three times. Added to the diet, chopped fresh herbs, vitamins, minerals, bran. The animal gradually translate into green fodder and bran with the addition of meat and bone meal and fish meal, vitamins. Milk is replaced by whey or skim milk. 5-6 months is the intensive growth of piglets. At this time, they have a lot of walking in the sun, and even better to graze on the grass.
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5-6 months begins the fattening period, which is the final step in growing pigs. At this time walking completely abolished, pigs are transferred to small paddocks and begin intensively fed a high-calorie mixes. The diet is necessary to introduce a boiled root vegetables, kitchen waste, shredded grain, meal, feed mixtures, and also to continue to give meat and bone meal, fish meal, fish oil. Meals should be frequent, at least 4-5 fold and plentiful. The more nutrients will be given to the pig, the faster he will gain weight, because the growth period is over, and all feed consumed to weight gain. The final fattening period ends in 1-2 months after a set live weight of 120-130 kg.
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