The occurrence of pregnancy in rats by the absence of the next estrus. It is the most objective sign.
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Look at the behavior of your pet. After all, in the beginning of pregnancy the behavior of the rats changed. They become slow and more calm. Some specimens can be aggressive to treat male.
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Take a look at the rat. During pregnancy it becomes slightly rounded, slightly increases the stomach, becoming wider in the area of the ribs. Over time the contours of a female calf are changing. It becomes pear-shaped (sharp muzzle and the expanding belly). Particularly well the changes are seen when the rat stands on his hind legs.
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You can palpate the abdomen of your pet. You must do it in 2-3 weeks from the expected, but never the beginning of estrus. By this time it should noticeably increase. And if you touch the belly the females shortly before birth, you can feel the movement of future pups. However, females are covered for the first time, this is not recommended.
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Please note that to get pregnant, the rat starts hard and carefully to build his house. It is necessary to enclose in a cage, pieces of cloth, paper, dry grass. Because of this the rat will build a nest. Do not disturb and do not try to touch her in such an important moment. You run the risk of being scratched and bitten.
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