First you need to build a warm barn, to make it prigoni. If you will be not only to raise pigs to produce products, but also to engage in their cultivation, then the room should be spacious, bright and draught-free. Always with ventilation.
It is equally important to buy a good breed of pigs. If the breed you choose and bad, as if you did not feed them, no matter how correct the content was not profit you will not wait.

Well established species: Russian white, Landrace, Estonian bacon, a Vietnamese pot-bellied, and different breeds with their hybrids.
Selecting a breed of pigs should be fed properly. Pigs are fed 4-5 times a day. The portions one at a time should not be large, with a content of milk and skim milk, bedding changed very often. Pigs must be clean and dry. From the sow to get them better in 2-2,5 months. Long were the calves under the mother, is stronger and more resilient. All boars intended for meat production must be immediately holosite. Also piglets in 3 months put inoculations from infectious diseases. You need to invite the veterinary surgeon.
To feed you need to add special additives: vitamin, mineral, meat and bone meal, fish meal, fish oil.
As soon as you set dry weather with a temperature above zero, piglets need to walk. To build a fenced backyard area. The range is produced separately from the adults. The grown pigs are gradually transferred to the three-time feeding.
Food should consist of concentrates, the amount of milk in the diet is reduced, add a large amount of skim milk. In summer you definitely need to give fresh grass and winter hay. Add in the diet of root crops and kitchen waste. Continue to add in mash fish oil and meat and bone meal.
With good feeding and keeping, young reaches 100-120 pounds for 6=7 months. Further content is not advisable, as it increases the cost of our products. All pigs go to slaughter. Leave only the most qualified individuals for the production of offspring.
The productive age of the pig begins in 8-9 months at the boar in 12-14 months. For the offspring, the pig should be at least 90-100 pounds, but not fat. Covered pig feed quality of feed and output necessarily for a walk. Trips canceled only during heavy frosts. In the machine, which contain a gestating pig, should always be clean and dry.