You will need
  • - pliers;
  • - slotted and Phillips screwdriver;
  • key 13;
  • key to 10;
  • keys on 15 and 17.
Remove the top cover of the washing machine. To do this, remove the two bolts located on the rear panel and slide the cover back, releasing the clip.
Remove the gasket door hatch. Separate it from the door by slipping with a screwdriver. Place the gasket inside the drum. Tilt the washing machine back and secure it in this position. Free door ring by means of thin pliers. Remove the seal rubber.
Remove the control panel. Remove the lid and the handle of the command device. Unscrew the screw located on the handle of the command device and remove the mechanism. Open the detergent dispenser and pushing at a certain point, remove it. Unscrew the screws of the control panel and charging port. Remove the potentiometers with a screwdriver. Free buttons by lifting them with a screwdriver and remove them.
Remove the bolts retaining the subframe and the frame handles the washing machine. Remove the handle from the casing.
For removing the electronic module, you must remove the rear panel of the washing machine by unscrewing the mounting bolts. Unscrew the fastening screws of the electronic module and remove it. Disconnect terminal blocks and connectors.
Tilt the machine forward and lock it in this position. Remove the drive belt. Remove the terminal block and disconnect the ground wire. Unscrew the self-tapping screws, then lower and remove the engine.
Disassemble drain pump by unscrewing the 4 screws. Disconnect the pipes and hoses.
Remove the shock absorbers. To do this, tilt the machine to the side and remove the nut that secures the shock absorber to the vehicle using the key for 10. Pull the shock absorber from the body, pushing it along the rod. Remove the bolt holding the shock absorber with the keys 15 and 17. Remove the shock absorber.
Unscrew the two screws fixing the upper counterweight with the key 13. Remove the pot of the machine, Unscrew 8 screws and remove the front counterweight, reaching for his screwdriver. Disassemble the pulley. Washing machine is disassembled.