If you want to translate a young mother on another job, get her permission. Then the question arises: how to do it, because she was on vacation. For this purpose issue a challenge (in relation to young mothers labour legislation allows to do it). Compose a letter, address it to the employee. Be sure to specify the reason for the call from vacation. If the employee agrees with the above information, he should sign the document and put the date of review.
To address the employee complete a notice of transfer. According to the labor law it must be signed by the employee no later than two months from the date of entry of the order into force. Therefore, in order to send the employee for another vacation, it is advisable to ask him to write a statement about the translation.
Make a order. In the document, specify the reason for the call from holiday on care of the child, the expiry date of leave, employee data. Give administrative document for signature to the employee. Make changes to employees ' personal pages, insert all the documents in a personal matter.
Conclude with the employee an additional agreement to the labour contract, as you change one of the conditions. In the document, specify a new position, wage and other working conditions. If necessary, make a job and give it for signature to the employee.
Then place your order. In this document enter the details of the employee's former and new place of work. Be sure to specify the basis for translation (additional agreement, for example), the amount of wages. Opisite document the employee.
Then make your changes in staffing and vacation schedule. Do it with orders.
If the employee wants to go back to the vacation, place your order on the basis of her statement. Make changes to the vacation schedule and personal card.