If the employee is to design the hospital filed a letter of resignation at own will, you have the right to fire him if he sent you by mail a confirmation of resignation. In the event such confirmation is not received, to fire an employee, you can only after his release from the hospital and personal written confirmation of the previously written statements. The dismissal of an employeein the hospital, at the initiative of the employer may result in penalties in favor of the victim and litigation.
You can dismiss the employeein the hospital, only if it was officially announced of liquidation or dissolution of the organization.
Please note that if the worker is in the hospital, sent a letter of resignation (as well as confirmation of his intention to resign) by mail, the date of which will be count is necessary to wait for refusal of the application or confirmation (14 days) will be the date of receipt of a registered letter.
If the term of the employment contract with the employee, who is currently on sick leave has expired, you have the right to fire him before the end of his illness. But the sick pay you will have to produce for the entire period specified in the certificate of temporary incapacity.
If the employee is in the hospital, recognized as totally disabled and received disability, you may have to fire him, paying him only newsletter.
Even in the case of expiration of employment contract you can't fire the employee in the hospital, if she is pregnant, without her written consent.
If the employee worked prior to illness part-time in another organization, then to pay him sick leave after dismissal on their own you will only be the case if your institution was his main place of work.