Advice 1: How to knit cat clothes

Clothing for Pets protects them from the cold and decorate them. Most often the need to dress their Pets owners of dogs, as dogs often require clothes for walks in cold and damp weather, but sometimes necessary clothing and domestic cats. Linking his cat vest, you will protect her from the winter cold and diversify its appearance. To tie the cat clothes, take off your measurements – you'll need the circumference of waist, circumference of the trunk in the neck and chest, and girth in front of the front paws.
How to knit cat clothes
In the calculation of the adult cat, dial the spokes on thirty-six loops, and knit thirty-two rows. The first three rows of tie ordinary rubber band, and then continue knitting stitch the front. Thirty-third row start subtraction – promazyvaya at least two loops together, reducing the number of loops in the fabric to twenty-four.
Provarite ten centimeters of the blade and the last three rows as the first, tie a simple rubber band. Now go from tummy knitting to the knitting of the back – dial on the spokes of the fifty-six loops and provarite thirty-two rows front surface.
Thirty-third row begin to diminish the loop. Take loop two or three rows, and then bind the cloth in seven inches and provarite three rows of elastic. Sew the bottom and the top part of the sweater together, knit stitch.
Such a sweater may seem to many owners of short – however, it does not restrict movement of the cat, and if you want to lengthen it, increase accordingly the number of loops. Choose a knitting yarn thin enough that the sweater was lightweight and did not restrict the activity of cat.
In this sweater, your cat will not be afraid of winter frosts and you will not have problems with transporting cats in the city in the winter time – for example, in the case of having to visit the vet.

Advice 2 : How to sew a cat clothing

Some breeds of cats are in need of insulation in the winter. It's hairless, bald cats, due to the lack of the coat is quite cold: canadian and don Sphynx, Peterbald. There are plenty of specialized shops of clothes for cats, where you can buy a cat outfit, from the simplest models to design. But a much more interesting option seems to sew cat clothes themselves, the more that it is not too difficult.
Clothing cat must like
You will need
  • fabric, patterns, sewing machine, zipper, laces, buttons
Even if you can not or do not want to sew, there is a very simple version of clothes for cats. Need to buy warm knitted socks large size. Then socks are cut from two sides to make a "pipe". Cut holes for the legs and tank top for the cat ready.
A fairly simple version of clothes for cat – suit. Need to measure the animal and draw a pattern. The holes for the neck and tail should not hamper movements, the sleeves on the feet too should do it free. The optimal fabric is knit. Lightweight, warm and stretchy, it will not interfere with the cat to move. She will quickly get used to new clothes. Make the clasp or on the back or on stomach. Preferable the first option.
Clothes for cats and can relate. Buying soft fur and choosing a style, you can take over the job. In this case, like knitting clothes for Pets, is where to roam imagination!
Stitched suit your needs like a cat in the first place. If it drops it may not all wear clothes she feels comfortable, and should choose another option. Remember that this clothing is necessary first of all to the cat, not you, so you shouldn't add something just for beauty. The cat probably will not appreciate.
Useful advice
Animals are not prone to keep their skins. They lie and go wherever I want, and with clothing they will behave similarly. Clothing for the cat should not be too the brand name, the stitching it should be, relying on frequent washing.

Advice 3 : Why cats "tread" front paws

Cat, climb on laps and performing "massage" - I know Corcovada phenomenon. Sometimes it's nice, but sometimes it appears completely out of place. The reason for such behavior of cats don't know everything.
Why cats "tread" front paws
Those who have a cat, almost never wear expensive clothes at home. The animal loves to climb on laps and "trample" that is to massage the legs, while the claws do not always hides. In such conditions you should not wear home clothes, which is a pity to break up.

Instinctive behavior

Cat's "marking time" begins when the person takes a sitting or prone position. If the cat is in a good mood, she immediately jumps on his lap and begins to "massage". Most of the owners like it. But for animals it is necessary to trace, because the movement after some time become a bit more Intrusive, and claws start to dig into the body.

This behavior for cats instinctively. Regardless of how many years the cat lived in the world, a pet is still part kitten. Unlike her homeless relatives do not have to worry about food, lodging or anything else, she has no trouble, so the full maturation does not work. And kitty needs a mother, so the cat is looking for a replacement to her in person.

Kitty goes to bed only with his mother. Similarly, the adult cat is placed near the person. On knees jumping, we need only the owner to sit down. If it also starts to stroke, she will take it like started licking.

Why movement of the cat's paws "trampling"

"Treading" the cat does rhythmically, just as the kitten goes through the legs on the abdomen of the mother while sucking milk. Such movements cause the milk flow to the nipple. Kitty also growls loudly in pleasure and that obtained by sucking milk it is better digested, he begins an intense salivation. The cat may just jump on the knees, but without performing the "trampling" of movements. This is an indication that the pet has for the owner of boundless confidence. Rumbling is a kind of ritual.

So the cat marking on their owners lap – so she's begging for more affection. If the animal constantly to drive with his knees, it simply will be offended and will cease to come to you. But on the revenge of the offended cat known to all Corcovada – she can start shit anywhere, and to wean her from it will be difficult. Offended cat because the mother in these situations the kitten are stripped and man they expect the same.

Another reason why cats can trample on something soft, for example, the pillow or the sofa, is the desire to lie down to sleep. All cats in its origin rather wild animals in nature, they tried to create a sort of nest. Now the cat is sleeping on the soft rug, and even on the bed of the owners, but the instinct of "nesting" remained.
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