The simplest version of the toy can be a rag ball attached by a string to a chair. It is possible to sew a variety of cloths from cotton, then your cat will be even more interesting.
игрушки для кошки своими руками
Instead of a ball of fabric, you can build a toy from candy wrappers - cats love the crinkle, so this toy is sure will attract her attention.
как сделать кошке домик из коробки
From a piece of old carpet and boards can be done kogtetochke, which can be attached to the wall. If the cat does not show interest in it, you can buy in a pet shop drops of Catnip and sprinkle them a scratching post - then the cat will definitely be interested in a new subject.
как сделать место для кошки
Also you can do a gymnastic design. Take two square boards, with screws fasten between them a thick stick. Obtane Board soft material, and stick tightly wrap an old rope or cord. Attach to the top Board a rag toy on a string. Make sure that the design was stable, as the cat will actively for her to climb. If you have the desire and the materials then the way that the gymnastics trainer you can make a multi-storey ensemble with the toys and the house in which the cat will love to sleep.
In the plumbing store, you can buy flexible plastic tubing (preferably transparent). Fasten a tube into a ring and perform at the top of the design there are several large holes (to pass freely cat's paw). The edges of the handle holes, otherwise the cat may get hurt. Put inside the pipe ringing the rag balls or toys. Such a design of a cat can spend hours playing, driving inside the pipe the balls and trying every possible way to extract them out.
спальное место для котят своими руками
Thus, a toy for your beloved pet can be made from any available materials. Be creative, try something new - your cat will thank you!