You will need
  • -the top fabric;
  • -middle layer;
  • -bottom layer.
To sew the blanket for the cat, you will need top fabric, it performs rather decorative function, the middle layer – something woolen, warm, and bottom it will fit the body of a cat, and therefore should be pleasant to the touch (especially for hairless breeds), perfect flannel or Jersey.
Measure your cat along the back from base of neck to beginning of tail. Draw the pattern in the form of a triangle whose sides are long enough to wrap the body of the cat and the median slightly longer than the distance from neck to tail. According to this pattern, cut all three fabrics and sew them in the order: underwear, insulation, decorative. If the poponku will dress up the cat in the offseason, you can do without the heater.
Now do the in a corner from which you pulled the median for cutting, the hole for the tail. You can simply sew on to it the loop for the same purpose, but a blanket with a hole would be better to hide the cat.
Treat the hole threads. Pull it through the hole the tail, the other two corners down along the front legs, then wrap the ends around the cat's body – care for their paws, and pull up before them, and not tie a very tight knot at the back. This is the easiest way to sew a blanket for the cat.
You can do a little differently. To cut the fabric so that left the "front" corners, making the holes for the front paws. Sew all the layers in this pattern, and then evenly along the length of the product, to distribute fasteners that will attach the blanket on my stomach. It can be Velcro, ribbons, hooks and loops, buttons and so on.
Buttons are not recommended as pretty easy cats. On average you will need 4-5 pairs of fastening at the neck, in front of the front legs, followed, in the middle of the abdomen, in front of the rear legs. Fasten the blanket on the cat not too tight and not too loose.