You will need
  • - vaccination;
  • - a contract with the owner of the animal;
  • - the contract for binding;
  • - help about genealogy;
  • tray;
  • - food for three days
Note that cholorogenic cats of any color can't knit with it like that (coloradense any color). And it is not in color, and the peculiarities of the genetic structures polaroiding animal. As a result of mating two such cats appear kittens with various genetic diseases and health problems. That is why you need to pick up a couple goloworgohome only animal species velour or brush.
сфинкс ухаживание
It is reasonable to introduce sphinxes with one year of age, although they are able to produce offspring before. To knit, visit with the cat exhibition (if possible) and get a rating of the three experts that your pet can be a producer, that is, has no vices and shortcomings.
как свести кошку с котом в первый раз в чебоксарах
A young cat of breed the Sphinx comes down with the cat as it reaches sexual maturity, she can produce offspring without risk to health. Therefore, two first heat miss, and the third are binding. The most prosperous of the Sphynx is considered to be the birth of kittens, no more than 3 times in two years. The first mating cats it is better to implement up to six years, if this tightening, it can have health problems.
первая встреча кошки с котом
By the time mating, the animal must be vaccinated against common infectious diseases: zoster, rabies, chlamydiosis, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus infection, panleukopenia. Guide preventive deworming cats approximately a week before mating.
во сколько месяцев сводить кошку шотландскую вислоухую
Please note at the beginning of estrus in the cat: it will require special attention, beyond measure to RUB everything in the house, pourcelot, set the tail when you pet her on the back, to shiver, to prostukivanii hind legs.
чем покрасить замшевые мокасины
Typically, mating of cats of breed the Sphinx occurs without anyone's help. It should be borne in mind that some of cat's hitting on someone else's territory, you forget about the purpose of the visit. Sometimes it happens that the owners of the animal is mistaken in its decision about the onset of oestrus in the animal. The cat defines it very quickly. He either enters a phase of excitement and a loud cry agrees to respond to feelings either turns away from the guest and goes indifferently, and sometimes even just goes to sleep.
Bring your cat to a cat only after prior agreement with the owner of the animal. It is desirable that it occurred on the territory of the cat, there is the "boss" feel more confident. Bring your direction to the stud from the club, a copy of the pedigree cats, drawn up with the owner of the cat agreement on breeding, food for three days and tray. Trim cat claws.