You will need
  • — 50 g yarn (75% wool, 25% nylon, 205 m);
  • — 50 g of yarn (100% Alpaca, 166 m);
  • — 50 g of yarn (94% mohair, 6% nylon, 49 m) for piping;
  • — four spokes (4 mm);
  • — four spokes (3 mm);
  • hook (6 mm).
Remove the measurements: bust, back length (approximate measurements for theTerrier – 28-30 cm and 24 cm). Sweater is with elastic, so the product will be good to stretch. Link the sample to determine the density of knitting: dial the spokes 19 of the loops provarite 25 rows of thread in two additions (two skeins, wool and Alpaca), canvas size – 10 by 10 cm.
как связать свитер собачке
Knit a sweater from the neck down, dial to the four spokes (4 mm) 48 loops, tie a rubber band 2x2 (two front, two reverse) 4, 5 see Then start doing adding loops: add (do yo) 1 loop in each second pair of purl to make loops 54. Continue to knit to a height of 6 cm, then add 1 loop in the remaining pairs the reverse (work – 60 loops).
как связать одежду для собаки
Continue to knit to a height of 8 cm rubber band 2 × 3 (two front, three inside-out), then close the loop openings. On the spokes at this stage there are 60 loops, 15 on each needle. Close the first two loops on one of the spokes, the remaining 13 loops slide holder for hinge (pin), and then close the first two loops on the next needle and knit the remaining 43 loop rubber band 2x3 (two front, three reverse).
как связать одежду собаке
Knit back (43 loops) elastic 5 cm, then bring them to mount hinges. Transfer 13 of the front loops on the needle and provarite 5 cm of the front, then connect the front and back, adding two loops where they were closed.
купить той-терьера
Continue to knit to the height of the product 19 cm, then start subtraction: in every second row twice (at the beginning of the first and third needles) at two loops; two times in one loop, another row of two loops and three loops. Finished product height 24 cm
Follow the sleeves are typing on the spokes (3 mm) 36 loops along the edge of the armhole, bind 3 cm elastic 2x2, close facial – facial, purl – purl (not to steal), the second tie cuffs.
Make tying the bottom of sleeves and edges sweater crochet (6 mm): 1 column without nakida, one air loop, skip 1 cm, then 1 column without nakida, etc.