You will need
  • - yarn (several colors); - the spokes of the right size; - pin; - cm; - hook; - needle.
The most important part of quick knit sweaters for dogs – taking the measurements and calculation loops. Exactly put the dog or ask someone to help you. Measure the circumference of the neck (not contracted much), the distance between the feet, the width from the outer base of one paw to the other, the length of the back and tummy (both measurements from the places where they measured the neck). Record the results obtained.
To quickly knit a sweater for your dog, and take the necessary samples and calculate the correct loop. In the model, the sweater is mandatory in the binding-gum. It can be no more than 3x3 reps to ensure that you are well stretched. Also applied to the front surface (on the back) and any pattern. Make samples of each mating and count how many loops have 1 cm in each case.
Sweater for dogs in this case will consist of several parts. This collar belly (and breast) back. May then tie the legs. Start knitting sweaters for dogs with a neck elastic. Associate needed at the height of the gate and close the loop.
Also, the elastic knit "belly". You should now have quite a long detail, because it will go directly from the gate to the chest. When finished, proceed to the back. Please note that the tail back better round, i.e. gradually begin to diminish the loop. When the backrest is ready, make the straps on the bottom. So the product will look nicer.
Amperite all the details and proceed to the Assembly. First lock the ring gate. Its seam will be in the middle associated breast-tum. Attach detail and slightly stretch the ends. Thus and sew to the collar. The remaining gate, attach the backrest.
Put on the dog and small pieces of yarn to mark armhole legs. Remove clothing from pet and sew to the marked labels. Quickly knit a sweater for a dog can be not only a regular stitch, but also with patterns or colored patterns and inscriptions. Be creative and your pet will be the most stylish around!