Advice 1: How to knit booties for dogs

Shoes and clothes for dogs fashion fads has become a necessity. Jumpsuits and sweaters protect dogs from the cold and wind, and soft booties and boots protect the feet from dirt and dangerous chemicals. Suitable shoes you can buy at the pet store, but much more interesting to make it independently. If you own crochet or knitting, tie your pet a few walking sets. Dog will surely appreciate your concern.
How to knit booties for dogs
You will need
  • - thread crochet;
  • the tape;
  • - the spokes;
  • hook;
  • - narrow lace or tape;
  • - needle and threads for sewing;
  • - leather or waterproof fabric;
  • - scissors;
  • - Laundry gum.
Select the appropriate yarn textures and colors. Practical only to use a dense but soft thread made from wool blends or cotton with polyester. If your dog is wearing a sweater, overalls, or a hat, pick a thread to match the outfit. Look good and contrasting combinations – for example, a bright red jumpsuit can be supplemented with black booties. Large short-haired dog a very elegant look in the boots of yarn, matching in tone with the shade of their hair. Do not choose too bright colors booties will quickly become dirty.
Make a simple pattern. Put the dog's paw on a piece of paper and draw around it with a pencil. Measure the circumference of the legs and the height to the hock. Write down all the sizes and get to work.
The easiest way to knit booties crochet. Dial a chain of air loops. The length should match the circumference of the legs plus one or two centimeters on a loose fit. Lock the chain in the ring and knit columns without nakida. The length of the resulting pipe must be equal to the desired height booties. Don't make it too short, otherwise the dog will throw shoes.
When finished, secure the thread, tying it the knot. Referring to the pattern, crochet the sole in the shape of a circle. Start from the center and extend, vymazyvaja of each loop of the previous row by two column without nakida. The finished soles attach to the top of the booties, obviative both parts a hook. To shoes tightly fixed on leg, paternite in the upper part of the narrow tape or cord.
If you do not know how to crochet, enjoy knitting. Meticulously calculate the loop do not have – ready's booty should not impose leg, it is fixed with clasps or ties. Tie a rectangle whose length is equal to the girth of the paws, plus two inches for a fit and width – the height of the future hat. The finished part sew to make a tube.
The soles are manufactured from leather or waterproof fabric – then in the booties will be possible to walk in the slush. Using the pattern of the sole, cut out details, leaving the seam in half a centimeter. Gather's booty, pristroju sole to the top. Do the outer seam, so it does not RUB the dog's paw. Tuck the upper part of the shaft in the form of a drawstring, hem it and vernice elastic clothes line, fixing shoes.

Advice 2: How to learn to knit booties knitting

Booties – this touching products, which keep feet infant toddler warm and decorate any outfit. These shoes can be fulfill with love and creativity – tie crochet, embroider on them all sorts of patterns, sew fun appliques and reliefs, vdet satin ribbon of the desired color... If you're new to handmade craftsmanship, don't be discouraged – learn to knit booties knitting is not difficult. To start learn one of the easiest ways.
How to learn to knit booties knitting
You will need
  • - A set of five socks spokes;
  • - 40-50 grams of woolen yarn;
  • centimeter for measurements;
  • - ribbon, lace or additional thread and hook;
  • auxiliary cotton thread;
  • - a needle with a blunt end;
  • thread and embroidery needle (optional);
  • - safety pin for threading the drawstring
Tie five socks knitting elastic 1x1 or 2x2 the desired height. Proceed as when knitting socks. Measure the thickness of the ankle of the baby, calculate the density of knitting – so you specify the required number dialed loops (certainly divisible by 4).
Having finished knitting the headband, do the holes in them you then will pass through strings to booties. You need to make one circular row thus:
- two loops promazyvaya front together, inserting the working needle behind the front wall (threads) of loops;
one hinge snapped (the"direct yo"): throw with right needle thread by moving it to yourself;
- continue alternating: two loops along the front; yo, etc.
Tie 3-4 circular row of facial loops. Then the spokes №№2-4 set aside, and loops on the spokes №1 begin knit into the forward and reverse ranks of the front surface (alternating front and purl rows). So take a strip of knitted fabric (top of booties), reaching ? thumb of the child.
Dial on the side spokes plus loop edges associated with the top of the product. Now perform a round front surface, linking the required number of rows. Is the depth of the Shoe, which must be individually adjust – try the unfinished work on the leg of the future owner (hostess) booties.
To commence the soles of the product. It is necessary to knit from the sock to the heel. In the first working range type of strong cotton thread or yarn core to work simultaneously with two balls – your choice depends on how dense the sole you want.
Complete hosiery knitting the sole of the forward and reverse rows. The last in a series loop, you need to purl together with the extreme side, thus combining parts of the top and sides of the product. At the end of the first row turn the work and continue to perform the same, but in mirror image. As a result, you should stay hinges on two spokes on the heel of the product.
Make the invisible seam, which is from the front side bootees will look like additional the front row. Work better with a needle with a blunt end. Follow the steps below:
- remove the first loop of the lower and upper parts with booties spokes;
- enter the needle to the first stitch in the bottom loop, and then at the top;
- now the needle comes out of the top hinge and down to the edge loop of the bottom of the booties;
finally, it is derived bottom-up from the next loop on the working needle.
Continue to alternate movements of the needle: captured hinge top; bottom; thread derived from the subsequent loops, etc.
Now you have finished knitting booties knitting; it remains only to pass through openings of narrow ribbons, laces, or carry straps hook extra bright threads. Can clip on the ends of small pompoms; to weave a braid of three threads, is a matter of taste. Knitted booties are also good to decorate on the front surface embroidery.

Advice 3: How to tie sweater for dogs

Sweater for dogs is an extremely convenient thing. He will save your pet from the cold and snow, and knitted product, it will be much easier than in the vast overalls, because the sweater does not prevent to move freely, but tight on the body. One problem: to associate such a thing dare not every woman needlewoman. Because the anatomy of dogs is not easy. However, you can easily and quickly knit a sweater, with a little imagination.
How to tie sweater for dogs
You will need
  • - yarn (several colors); - the spokes of the right size; - pin; - cm; - hook; - needle.
The most important part of quick knit sweaters for dogs – taking the measurements and calculation loops. Exactly put the dog or ask someone to help you. Measure the circumference of the neck (not contracted much), the distance between the feet, the width from the outer base of one paw to the other, the length of the back and tummy (both measurements from the places where they measured the neck). Record the results obtained.
To quickly knit a sweater for your dog, and take the necessary samples and calculate the correct loop. In the model, the sweater is mandatory in the binding-gum. It can be no more than 3x3 reps to ensure that you are well stretched. Also applied to the front surface (on the back) and any pattern. Make samples of each mating and count how many loops have 1 cm in each case.
Sweater for dogs in this case will consist of several parts. This collar belly (and breast) back. May then tie the legs. Start knitting sweaters for dogs with a neck elastic. Associate needed at the height of the gate and close the loop.
Also, the elastic knit "belly". You should now have quite a long detail, because it will go directly from the gate to the chest. When finished, proceed to the back. Please note that the tail back better round, i.e. gradually begin to diminish the loop. When the backrest is ready, make the straps on the bottom. So the product will look nicer.
Amperite all the details and proceed to the Assembly. First lock the ring gate. Its seam will be in the middle associated breast-tum. Attach detail and slightly stretch the ends. Thus and sew to the collar. The remaining gate, attach the backrest.
Put on the dog and small pieces of yarn to mark armhole legs. Remove clothing from pet and sew to the marked labels. Quickly knit a sweater for a dog can be not only a regular stitch, but also with patterns or colored patterns and inscriptions. Be creative and your pet will be the most stylish around!
Useful advice
When taking measurements, consider the anatomical and genital features of a dog. Boys tum is better to make a little shorter.
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