You will need
  • - passport;
  • - insurance;
  • - pension insurance certificate;
  • - direction;
  • - extract from the patient card;
  • identity;
  • - a medical conclusion;
  • - a military ID.
To get to the hospital, while in military service, contact your unit commander or unit, tell him that you are sick. You will be sent for examination to the doctor. After inspection and necessary examinations, if there are indications for hospitalization you will put on treatment in military hospital.
If you're demobilized, are retired, have one of these statuses and need treatment, contact your local doctor in a policlinic in a residence. You draw the line, if the doctor decides that hospitalization is necessary. Sign the direction of the chief physician of the medical institution, put at the reception of the print, ask your local therapist an extract from a medical card.
For admission to the hospital you should have: an extract from the patient card of the patient, the direction of the clinic by place of residence, passport, certificate of compulsory medical insurance, pension insurance certificate, a certificate confirming your status, personal belongings, hospitalization.
Persons of military age sent to the hospital for a full medical examination if necessary to confirm or refute a medical diagnosis made by civilians.
Hospitalization is made in the direction of conscription military Commission. It is necessary to have a passport, extract from the card of an ambulatory patient, medical report, medical insurance, pension insurance certificate, military ID, personal things.
Veterans of work, war, public services can get to the hospital only if there are free places. Before hospitalization must agree on the question of the free space with the chief doctor of the hospital, get a referral from the attending physician at the place of residence, an extract from the patient card, to show the certificate confirming the status, passport, MHI policy, insurance pension certificate.