Take the latest edition of the telephone directory of Moscow and methodically ring up wards of all health facilities of the metropolis. Since such treatment is usually responsible help Desk, call only during working hours. Of course, it is a long task, but if you have no other opportunity, have to accept.
Remember not complained in recent time, this man is in any pain or did he not intend to survey about existing disease. If Yes, call the clinic at his place of residence and find out the direction in which the medical institution usually give those or other experts. The phone number of the clinic you can find in the directory, or know by contacting the service 009 (fee) or 500-55-09 (free), provided that you are aware of the address of the institution.
If this man was going to be operated on, and you know what, find out which clinics are held, and contact the help Desk of medical institutions with the request. However, to provide such information you can only when a personal visit and presentation of documents proving that you are a close relative of this personand, and even then not in all cases.
If you found out that this personand was taken to the "Ambulance" with the attack, call one of the phone numbers - the Central reference "Ambulance": 445-02-13, 445-57-66 or the duty doctor "Emergency" for the city of Moscow. Phone: 632-96-70.
If there is an accident, or an accident, the best option would be to call first in the emergency Department of the research Institute. Sklifosovsky phone 680-67-22 (as often it is there taken of the victims) or at the registration Desk accidents: 688-22-52. To call these numbers at any time.
Visit website where there is and other background information published specially for people who want to find out what treatment facility was placed relative or friend.