Pay attention to the food. Ingrowing age need more to eat, preferably food of animal origin. Cereals, of course, does not hurt, but the body should consume enough protein without it, cells begin to divide slower, and the growth stops. Eat fruits and vegetables, and if this is not possible, take vitamins and minerals. After consultation with the doctor can take a course of reception of preparations of calcium.
Take time to exercise, especially in schools there are different sections that you can visit for free. Can enroll in a gym or pool. You have to develop not only bone but also muscle. If there are problems with joints or other disease of the connective tissues, maintain muscle tone usual morning Jogging. Try to walk every day, fresh air and sunlight are active stimulators of growth.
Ingrowing age often there are nervous breakdowns, depression and poor sleep. Often this is due to the change of hormones and fatigue from school. Try to sleep at least 6 hours a day, and best of 7-8. During sleep there is an active cell division, the body is updated and corrected.
Harmful habits such as nicotine and alcohol, slow the growth of inherent nature. If you do not limit their use, you will not only not grow to the genetically predetermined growth, but all of your efforts to increase it will be in vain. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, tall and handsome man take care of your future in advance.