Advice 1: How to grow over the summer

When comes the long-awaited summer, children and teenagers, as a rule, leaving the noisy and dusty town on vacation. Someone in the village, someone at the resort, but the main desire of all guys are similar: how to relax and grow. And if the first part of the priorities more or less clear, the second is more difficult to implement.
How to grow over the summer
You will need
  • wall bars,
  • a chair with a back.
Stay active infectionsa activity contributes to the growth of a person. You can choose volleyball, basketball, swimming are the most common sports for those who want to grow. Prerequisite – regular exercise only then the result will be positive. However, abuse lessons is not necessary – it can lead to the opposite result and slow growth.
Do special exercises for ostatnim of these exercises are exercises at the turnstile. This method consists in the fact that several times a day to approach the turnstile or the wall bars and hang at arm's length or to be tightened within 15 minutes. This method has to grow as followers who claim that it works, and can grow to 10-15 cm in a few months, and staunch opponents who believe that the special effects he does not, and grows people for other reasons.There are other exercises. For example, rotation of the spine. Head and back are in one plane and rotate until it stops, feet remain motionless. Repeat the turns to each side 15-20 times.Another exercise performed on the chair. Clutching the back of a chair, try to get the chin to the abdomen. Then the back is straightened, and are bending backwards, the back of the head should reach to the back.
Eat more vitamins and mikroelementov growth primarily affects vitamin A. Consequently, you need to eat more carrots, liver, egg yolk and cream. However, this vitamin is fat-soluble, so that it is well absorbed, you need to take it with fat.We should not forget about vitamin D, which is responsible for the growth of bones. It is produced by the action of sunlight, we need to get out more. However, this is insufficient to the body, so you should take sardines, salmon, fish oil and milk.Responsible for the growth and vitamin B. It can be found in dry yeast, milk, nuts, and most vegetables. The "enemies" of this vitamin, Deplete it, are alcohol, caffeine, and heat treatment.And, of course, a direct impact on growth and has the calcium contained in dairy products. The lack of this microelement significantly increase the growth will be problematic.
Growth is possible as long as the bones are cartilaginous layer, which can be seen on x-ray. A man can grow up to 27 years, after which growth begins to decline about 1.2 mm per year.

Advice 2: What you need to buy for school

The first of September is an exciting event, no matter whether the schoolboy look in the first class, or gladly walk another couple of months. To school need to prepare to buy a lot of things that you will need during the school year.
What you need to buy for school

Many schools have their own dress codes for students. It might be school uniform or just a suit. Parents of younger students should review the children's closet will probably be your child over the summer have had time to grow out of old pants and shirts. Parents of high school students can do period stuff, however, most likely a teenager and he wants to buy him something new. To give him such a gift by the first of September would be appropriate. Make sure the child was comfortable change of shoes and bag or bag where it will be able to house them.

Modern students have to carry several heavy textbooks. So, the child will certainly need a comfortable and roomy briefcase. For younger pupils the ideal solution would be the container with the compacted back, it will help keep the posture, and wide straps – this will not be rubbing. Modern industry offers little to students of the portfolios for any taste – of different colors, with your favorite actors and cartoon characters. For older children, are sold in stylish sports or leather backpacks.

In schools, lyceums and gymnasiums use a variety of school programs. Before the Day the knowledge will give you a list of textbooks that will need to be purchased for the new school year, or just say the amount you need to pay for a set of books.

Some schools like their students to purchase the same journals. Better this issue in advance to check with the class teacher. But when choosing books students can turn around. The teacher indicates only notebooks what type of need the children in large or small checks, wide or narrow range, thin, common or paluobiai, and students can choose the cover to your liking. It is also advisable to buy a transparent cover for books and textbooks so they will last much longer.

Buy a few blue pens and black and green handles with which the child will be able to highlight the text. Need a student simple and colored pencils, and a sharpener. You can buy baby colorful pencil case, but most children stationery eventually pass into the pocket of a backpack. Younger students will need markers, paint and brushes, the album, set colored paper, clay Board and to work with him. Students of secondary and senior classes will require drawing instruments.

At school the child will have physical education classes, will need sports uniforms and also shoes or sneakers. Clothing and shoes should be comfortable to the baby and attended classes with pleasure.

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