What determines growth?

In fact, the growth of a person prescribed in its genome, and determined at the stage of formation of the embryo. It depends on gender, inheritance received from parents, race – set of those attributes that cannot be changed. But this is only an approximate value, which varies depending on external factors that also affect growth. Ecology, nutrition, diseases, hormonal disorders, physical exercise, functioning of the pituitary gland affect the growth mechanism.

Growth provides somatropic hormone that promotes elongation of long bones in the limbs. The maximum quantity of this hormone produced during adolescence, so it is considered to be one of the most important in the formation of the human body. If at this stage the body will lack any substance or lifestyle will affect the production of the hormone, the growth may slow down.

Girls only grow more intense with 10 to 14 years, boys from 13 to 18. It is very important during this period to prevent impact on the growth of unfavorable factors.

The growth of a teenager

The pace and nature of growth of the adolescent is affected by nutrition. There are foods that contribute to the development of somatrope hormone, strengthen the skeletal system and causes the body to stretch out. It's any food high in protein – the main building material for the body, dairy products and other storage of calcium mineral, which is consist of bones and teeth, fruits and vegetables, which contain vitamin a, involved in the process of growth of the skeleton. The hormone is also found in cheese, butter, sour cream, some kinds of fish liver.

The diet of a teenager should be in proper ratio to be proteins, fats and carbohydrates along with other necessary nutrients and vitamins. Food fast food, is rich in so-called empty-calorie foods may slow the growth of the child.

A huge impact on the growth of a teenager having Smoking. Nicotine literally stops the action of somatrope hormone – and the sooner a person starts Smoking, the less it will grow to the point of growing up. Alcohol has a less focused impact on growth, but is also able to slow down or stop. Dangerous and other bad habits, including overeating, even healthy food.

Positively to the growth of a teenager affected by any physical activity, whether it is classes at the gym, running, swimming. But some exercises are particularly useful: stretching exercises for the spine, hanging on the horizontal bar. Passive way of life, conducting a lot of time in one position at the computer can affect development of the spine, which negatively affects growth.