If you want to grow, reconsider your diet – it should be a lot of calcium, phosphorus, which are essential for formation and growth of bones and teeth. Often the bones do not get enough food and support and refuse to grow, while remaining fragile and weak. Every day, eat cheese, drink milk. A lot of calcium contained in melted cheese – several times more than usual! It is also rich in valuable protein, important for bone growth. Protein – an important building material, affecting the skin and into the bone. In the daily diet should contain at least 250 grams of white meat. If you are a vegetarian – eat at least one or two eggs a day. For example, eggs of milk and two eggs – a good serving of protein for the day.
Follow the posture that is stooped posture and kyphosis often robs people of about 5-7 inches of growth! Straighten your back, do exercises to strengthen her muscles and after a couple of months you won't notice as you began to walk with proudly straightened posture, you'll feel higher. It is necessary to develop and the muscles of the shoulders, as the power shortage also leads to stooped posture. Pump up the press flat stomach makes the silhouette slimmer and more elongated.
Often, even in very young people, do not exercise and sit all day in front of a computer monitor, underdeveloped spine, He is constantly in a tense and stavlennia condition. Therefore, regularly (but very slowly!) do exercises to stretch. The simplest is taken from yoga – stand up straight, concentrate, close your eyes and begin as if to reach the top of the head to the ceiling, without rising on tiptoe. At first the exercise may seem useless and strange, but until you notice visible results, your spine receives from the brain signal to reach!". The old proven method – hanging on the horizontal bar, gives about the same effect.