Advice 1: How to increase growth on the bar

To increase growth in a variety of ways. In particular, using the horizontal bar. If not lazy and train regularly, the result will not keep itself waiting long. A set of special exercises will allow you to rise above a few inches.
How to increase growth on the bar
You will need
  • - the horizontal bar;
  • regular studies.
To perform these exercises must twice a day – morning and evening. You can engage in in the yard in the Playground or at home, at the bar of the simulator. Waking up in the morning, go to the bar. Keep in mind that you need to hang at arm's length. Try to hang the maximum amount of time. It is desirable that it was at least 2 minutes to start. Jump off and get some rest. Again jump onto the horizontal bar and hang as long as possible. Just follow these 5 visits. Count the time spent in a hanging position. Over time increase it.
The second exercise is like the previous one. However, it is necessary to perform not two but one minute. That is, to do this exercise need not at full strength. Do not 5, and 20 visits. When your hands get stronger, increase the time to two to three minutes. Keep in mind that the morning runs either the first or second exercise. Choose one and practice.
Take a breath, relax and proceed to the next exercise. Perform pull-UPS. Falling, try to relax and hang in this state for 5-10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 4-5 times.
Hanging on the bar, rotate your body to the right and left. Make at least 30 calls in each direction.
Hanging at arm's length, imagine a pendulum and try to simulate the vibrational motion of the legs in one direction and in another. Repeat 10 times in each direction.
Now perform rotational movements pelvis. Make exercise first one, then the other side. It is advisable to do at least 10 reps.
Don't forget about evening exercises. Jump on the bar and try to hang the maximum amount of time. Follow these 5 visits.
Remember that to achieve results is very important to have regular exercise. Over time your growth will start to increase due to stretching of the intervertebral discs. In addition, you will strengthen the muscles of the back and arms and minimize the risk of development of diseases of the spine.

Advice 2 : The crossbar extends the growth

The horizontal bar or crossbar – sports equipment that helps to tone the muscles of the body. Is it possible to use them to increase the growth of a child or adult and what should I do?
The baby on the bar
There is a perception that hover on the bar helps to increase growth. Is it really so? Whether unhappy with their height to try to correct this injustice? Let's find out.

Will the crossbar to grow up?

The stoop and the scoliosis does not make a person taller and slimmer. There are 2 types of physical activity that help "pull" the spine and correct posture. The swimming and exercises on the horizontal bar.

It is known that stretches the spine in 2 positions: horizontal, lying on a flat surface and in a vertical, hanging on the crossbar.
To measure growth is best in the morning, after sleep. Typically, the difference between morning and evening measurements is 1-2 cm.
During this period, the load on vertebrae is missing, and the spine as it is stretched.

Hanging on the bar is optional to perform any exercise. Enough to hold on to the bar and relax the back. In this position it is necessary to hold for 2-3 min, take a break and begin a second approach.

Every day hanging on the bar to stretch the spine to 2 cm more, respectively, increase and growth. This applies not only to children and adolescents. An adult also may grow thus, due to the alignment of posture.

Exercises for growth on the bar

For a more substantial increase of growth in adolescence is not enough regular hovering on the bar. It is necessary to complicate the exercise and to eat certain foods rich in vitamins and minerals. One grows up to 17-22 years, depending on the sex and genetic characteristics.
Human height stops after the disappearance of the germ zones. To know, there is a possibility to grow or not, making x-rays of the spine. If the zone is active, so it makes sense to train.

Exercises are added gradually. Start with a normal visa, 2 sets of 3 min. at the same time, you can add smooth torso twists left and right, 15 times on each side.

When the hands are used to, and you can hang 5-10 min for one approach, start to perform pull-UPS. Add lifts bent or straightened legs. Swing left/right or forward/backward.

After a while, when the back muscles will be strengthened, will be the legs to attach a small cargo weights, over time, increasing their mass. Pull the spine can not only hanging in the conventional position, but being upside down. For this exercise, the legs are fixed with a special belt, the execution time should not exceed 15 seconds.

Wishing to grow should remember this:
• Exercise should be regular, at least 3 times a week
• Start with 2-3 sets of 3 minutes, with the addition of exercise exercise time should increase to 30 min.
• Bar can not jump! After stretching should be down with caution
• Combine exercise with proper nutrition, rich in vitamins and minerals
• Before training can be done light exercise in the form of Jogging, after a small hitch – exercise stretching all muscle groups
• You must give up all bad habits: nicotine, alcohol and drugs, they slow down the growth.
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