Often visit with your child at playgrounds. Almost all of these gaming zones have horizontal bars. Children generally love to hang on them. Be careful only to the child often took their feet off the ground and insure it if it gets too high. Such physical activities help to develop the spine, straightening and extending it a bit. You can also buy and install a horizontal bar or rings at home. Give classes on the bar, at least 10 minutes daily. Teach your child to catch up - this exercise also has a positive impact on growth in childhood.
Give your child in the basketball section. It can be any sports club or section in the school gym. In many yards there are also basketball courts, where your child can play with their friends. This sport is great for exercise and stretching of the arms, legs and spine, which also promotes stretching of the child. If you really want to increase the growth of the child, make sure that he played basketball every day for at least 45 minutes.
Another sport that will help to stretch spine, swimming. In addition to stretching, it helps to intensively develop the muscles that causes the release of growth hormone. The most effective for this method of swimming is the breaststroke. The more your child will engage in this sport in childhood, the higher will be its growth. Teach him to swim, the swimming pool, often get out in nature and swim in open water. Like any other exercise, swimming may not give immediate results. The child must do them regularly and for a long time.
To increase the growth of the child, adjust his diet. Give him more protein, vitamins, minerals and calcium. Foods rich in these substances, contribute to stimulate the growth of the baby. Increase the consumption of eggs, legumes, fish, milk, vegetables, fruits, etc.
Remember also that the child's growth will have an impact and its genetics. If the parents are tall, he too will eventually become higher. However, one heredity become above does not work, the child will still need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Its growth will also influence the cleanliness of the environment, climate, psychological factors (e.g. relationship with parents), etc.