To change your height at any age and without any surgical procedures. The only question is the result of a 16-year-old young man can grow to 20-30 cm, and those over 30 years old, and 5 cm, the result will be a good achievement. This pattern is explained by the fact that by 18-19 years in the process of active growth slows down. After 19 years some men may experience a slight increase in growth up to age 26. Women, in most cases, after 18 will not grow.

Factors contributing to the growth

To increase its growth, maintain a healthy lifestyle, full sleep, eat right. It is important not to smoke, to drink, to protect your nervous system, otherwise no exercise will have no effect. Eat more foods containing vitamin A: carrots, peppers, egg yolk, milk, mangoes, apricots, zucchini, cabbage and spinach. Exercise: run, swim, play basketball or volleyball. During the voyage, do various stretching. Do special exercises to increase growth.
Growth is highly dependent on the quality of food. Malnutrition, lack of protein and vitamins slows down the growth. For example, the average citizen of the DPRK to 7 cm lower than the South Korean.

A set of exercises

1. Standing on the floor, raise your arms up and interlock in the lock. The feet shoulder-width apart. Stand on your toes and stretch up the whole body. Then lower your arms, interlock them to the castle behind and stand on your heels. Do 10-20 times.
2. Standing on the floor, arms out to the sides. Do 10-20 rotations of the hands in first in the shoulder joint, then elbow, then in wrist. After each set let hands relax and repeat in the other direction.
3. Standing on the floor, feet shoulder width apart, start to tilt your head to the side. Tilting his head, try to touch ear to shoulder. Shoulder not lift, perform 10-20 repetitions in each direction.
4. Standing, place your feet wider than shoulder width. Lean to the floor, trying to touch it with his fingers. Make at least 15 tilts.
5. Again put the feet hip-width apart. Do the bending back, trying to get the hands to the heels. Also make at least 15 deflection.
6. Bend your right leg at the knee and press the right foot to the left knee. From this position, do forward bends, pulling fingers on the floor. Perform 15 bends for each leg.
7. Put yourself behind the chair. Pull the hands back and grab hold of the back of the chair so that the grip was approximately at the level of the shoulder blades. From this position, do 20 sit-UPS, holding hands back of the chair.
8. Place your feet together. Bend forward and touch your knee with forehead. Make 20 tilts.
9. Sit on the floor, stretching one leg forward. Bend the other leg, the foot pull back. From this position make 25 tilts forward so that the fingers got toes.
10. Lie on the floor. Legs pull in, put your hands next to the body. Alternately raise your legs at a 90 degree angle to the floor. Do 25 repetitions.
11. Lie on your stomach, straighten your legs, hands along the body. Lift your shoulders, head and legs and pull them up so that when viewed from the side of the body had the shape of a semicircle. Run 25 times.
12. Sit on the floor cross-legged "Turkish". Hands interlock in the lock in front of chest. Raising his hands up, vitrifies whole body as high as possible. Complete 25 of the extrusions.
13. Sit on the floor and extend your legs forward. From this position make 25 tilts forward, pulling the head, knees, and hands, toes.
14. Lie on your back, hands put on the belt. Raise your legs and try to touch them to the floor behind the head. Perform the exercise 25 times.
The physiological method of increasing the growth of more time-consuming, long and not so effective in comparison with surgical method. But it prevents complications, prevents to lead a normal life and makes a person lead a healthy lifestyle.

This set of exercises perform daily. Try to do 1.5-2 hours after a meal. In addition to this complex several times a day, do dead-hangs on the crossbar. Hang as much as stamina allows hands. Regular visy relax the spine and allow you to grow in the first centimeters after 1-2 weeks of classes.