You will need
  • Phone, computer, Internet access.
The most simple method that will allow you to identify the author of the song and the song title is to wait for its completion. Usually the DJ at the end of the song tells radiolisteners such information. If this message was not broadcasted, you can go the other way.
Some time after the end of a musical composition, you can know the title and author, just by calling a radiostation. When you call, ask the DJ to tell you the name of the played song.
Also, there is another method that will allow you to learn what the song sounded on the radio. In this situation you will have to wait until home or to the nearest Internet cafe. Being near the computer, go to the Internet and open the front page of any search engine.
Type in the search query, a few words of the song, you remember. Click "Search" and wait for the issuance of search results. Have to wait long – after a couple of seconds you will get the results which will certainly find not only a song title, but the name of its performer. Each of the methods-its good and effective. You just have to choose which way would be best for you.