You will need
  • To resolve this issue, you will need a computer with Internet access or free few friends with whom you can socialize.
The new songs are quite simple and are made such that they can be easy to remember. Rely on the memory of loved ones or friends, especially those who know the music of life – certainly some of them heard and know this song. Hum him a tune, or let memorable text.
You can ask for help to any salesman in a shop selling music CDs. By occupation they are well aware of how new and old songs and will be able to help you. The advantage is that you can just buy a CD with any song.
Try to search the desired song on the Internet. This can be done by using any search engines – Google, Yandex, Yahoo. Type in a search query to the remembered words of the song. And be patient when viewing the pages of the issue. Unfortunately, they can be a lot.
You can try to look for any song in social networks. Now many people download their favourite songs, including not just title and artist, but also an excerpt of the song.
If you heard a song on the radio and know the radio station on which she sounded, you can visit the official website. As a rule, there is always a list of the most popular songs and music, broadcast in the near future live.
If these methods do not help, you can use a special service for music recognition, for example, at For this you need to write at least little fifteen-second snippet of a song and upload it to the website. It will be processed by the system and you will receive a result containing all the found information.