If you remember playing time, call the radiostation. Usually DJs make lists, play-lists, so finding songs for them is not a problem. But before you disturb the host, learn not upload any employees of the station play-lists on the Internet. Go to the radio website and scroll through the sections relating to the air. You can also ask for help to radio listeners on their forums or groups in social networks.
If you don't know the playing time or do not want to call the DJ, but know the words, go online and use any search engine. The song in English it is best to search through Google. Type words in the search query string and note at the end lyrics, this will tell the search engine that this request is the words of the song.
If you don't remember the lyrics but remember the tune and you have a microphone with headphones, go to the website or This is a special system that looks at the songs you hum the melody.
Songs on the radio are usually repeated. If you heard the songyou're looking for, you have a cell phone, use the service "Mobile expert". This is a very handy SMS-a service designed specifically to search for songs. Just dial the number 0665 and lift the phone to the speaker. Hold the tube cell for 5-10 seconds. After this time, the connection will fail. You will receive an SMS with information about the song.
The easiest way to find a very popular song. Go to the website Here you will be asked to fill the rhythm of the song you're looking for. Sense of rhythm has almost all people. If you have no hearing and you don't remember anything except the melody, this is a great opportunity to find the song. This site provides a great search engine for songs in the library of rhythms.