Going anywhere by car, public transport or just listening to the radio at home, at the cottage, in the headphones of the phone, often you suddenly hear your favorite songs/song of an unknown artist or a new song you never heard, and the author is also unknown. The question arises how to find a favorite masterpiece.

Ways to find the song you heard on the radio

Even 7-10 years ago it was a problem in the current information age to find your favorite song in the world wide web you can even by entering a search string, request: "La La La, tell me, what is this song?". However, a much easier and more effective to act in several other ways.

For example, today almost all radio stations have their own official sites where in the "playlist" contains information about the songs that were heard throughout the day at different times. Based on the above, after hearing a decent song, you can immediately look at the portal of the radio station and time to find a particular song if there is Internet access from your phone, tablet, computer. Most importantly, remember the radio station and the time the sound is. If there is no Internet, it is possible to write down or remember the time when the song sounded, and came home to find her in the portal.

There are also specialized portals, displaying playlists of many radio stations. Most popular similar resources: Moreradio.ru, Moskva.fm Dancemelody.ru. The main advantage of such websites is that they display information on many radio stations, which is very convenient if you need to find a few songs sounded different on the radio. Their main drawback lies in the fact that many radio stations are forbidden to publish information related to the radio, or from other sources except their own website. And the portals of the radio stations, and on alternative sites provides the function of previewing, which is very convenient.

Alternative ways for users of social networks

Also a good way is to Refine the song to the official group of radio stations in social networks from their administrators. The main thing is to formulate your question and get a long awaited answer. Thus, it is important to remember that, he who seeks will always find.