You will need
  • computer;
  • connection to the Internet.
The first is a fairly easy way to find the song on "Road radio" is a service called "Find a song." It is a list of more than three thousand artists with their songs for a few pages that sound in the radio station. You can listen to the song right there, pressing against the left of each song the yellow button "play", and can be ordered later to hear your favorite songs live by clicking on the envelope. There are also the lyrics of all the songs contained in this resource.

If the song you wish to hear no, then there in the search bar, type song title, artist name, or song lyrics, and smart search engine will certainly find it.

You can also search by letters of the alphabet as Russian and English.
Not less effective is a second way of finding your favorite tunes. On the official website of the radio station ( there is a tab "Forum", which also has a section "Find a Song." Go there and register (otherwise you can't find what I wanted). Next viewing all the themes (perhaps your song has searched for and found) and if they find it necessary, go on the link or otherwise find contractor in search engines (when you already learned it). If you have not found a suitable topic, then create your own and write there your problem, the moderators or people in the know always help.
Another service, which will help with finding a song is It is not necessary to pass the registration procedure, and to ask the people on the song title or artist name, scroll the page to the bottom and you will see the interface where you spell your own name or nickname and the comment field (in your case it is a request to help to find a song aired by radio). Knowledgeable people and moderators of a website tell me how is called the song that you want to find.