You will need
  • Phone
  • Internet access
Do not switch channels until you know what the name of the station you are caught. Knowing the station name, it will be much easier to find made composition.
The most obvious way is to call up on the radio. Keep in mind that the sooner you do, the more chances to get an answer. Because few DJs are able to remember what song was in the playlist last Wednesday at three o'clock at night. If you are uncomfortable to call, write a letter via e-mail. Ask not will be so kind as employees of the radio and it does not tell you the song title and artist. In advance thank for your help. In some stations there is a direct prohibition to employees to provide answers to such questions. Well, we have other ways to satisfy their curiosity.
Go to the website of the radio station. Often there are sections such as "Now playing" to "Now on air" or even "Playlist of the day".
Visit online resources. On the website http://www.moreradio.ruin the section "Playlist radio" playlists are stored more than thirty radio stations in the past week. The name of each pension is a link that takes you to the corresponding video on YouTube.
On the website there is a more convenient section – "What song?". You need only enter the time that you heard a song, and before you there will be a list of the songs sounded at that time on 53 radio stations. You can narrow the search if you know exactly what radio you heard your ringtone.
If none of these methods doesn't help, try to seek help to the search engines. Recall as many words from the song. Try to retrieve from memory which is not a standard phrase, because search on the phrase "goodbye, my sweet +song" gives 946 thousand answers.
If the song sounds in the English language, check the spelling and enter a query into the search form the specialized website The creators of the website claim that his memory stores words 400 thousand English songs.
Once you have decided on the name of the song is much easier to find her artist.