You will need
  • Computer;
  • - mobile phone/dictaphone.
If we assume that the unknown in the search for songs less than was announced in the beginning, the task is greatly simplified. Find an unknown song can be, if you know who sings it. In this case, to find a songwithout knowing its name, you can, for example, on the official website of the artist or on the website of the fan club. Use the site search or review the albums song list.
Find an unknown song is quite simple, knowing her words. If you remember a piece of text, even if small, enter it into the search bar one of the search engines. If the words you are confused, the lyrics of the song with its name will appear before you. Use the search and if you know the contents of the video for this song. The same algorithm can be used, knowing the name of the movie or promotional video in which the song sounded.
To find a songwithout knowing its name you can also, if you have the opportunity to record it (its fragment). It's possible to record the radio broadcast in which he performed the song, and the clip on it. And with that snippet, you can use a service for music recognition, which many in the Internet.
Find an unknown song can be, if she was recently heard on the radio and you remember the approximate time when it happened and the name of the radio station. In this case, go to the website, which broadcasts a variety of radio stations. These sites are easy to find by typing in the search box the phrase "online radio". For example, one of these sites – Selecting a radio station, you will be taken to the record of ether and see some sort of chart in which the scale of "X" will replace the timeline. Return to recording broadcast around the time when the air sounded favorite song. Running alternately transmitted this time to the song, you'll be able to find the melody. You can also try to find a songwithout knowing its nameusing the official website of the radio station. Recently heard songs can be marked up there in the list. Or you can find on the website of the radio station the record of ether.