Hearing an unknown song on any radio station, it is easy to find its title and artist, noting the station name and opened her site. Usually on the station's website, there are lists being played in live music. Try to remember what time you heard the song, and listen to the online portion of a broadcast that corresponds to that time.
Harder to find artist of a song you found on my computer, and it will help special services – for example, MusicBrainz or CDex – base that allows you to restore the name of the music from the unsigned CD.
If you want to understand what song is playing in some movie, music video or advertising, or you have found some of my old CD, and I don't know what it contains – it is best to use a program Tunatic.
It is a powerful utility that allows you to identify a song in a matter of minutes. Install and run the program and connect a microphone to your computer and make sure you have a working connection to the Internet.
Configuring the microphone and see if he reacts to the sound, and turn on the music source you want to define, bringing a speaker to the microphone. Not turning off your music, open the program, click on the search icon magnifying glass to start the track identification.
You'll have to wait some time – from 20 seconds to 2 minutes, until the program will determine the artist and title of your music and it will offer you to find details about the song on Google, Wikipedia or the famous music service